Dear customers, we would like to inform you that the estimated delivery time is set at 5 - 15 working days. Alternatively you can pick up your order via click away from our store. View more

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When you successfully place your order, you will receive the number and details of your order in the e-mail you have entered.
** Be careful with your e-mail, always check the spam or if you have Gmail in the message category SOCIAL or OFFERS, as your information may have gone there.

2nd update MISSION STAGE When your order is shipped (ie as soon as the courier receives it from us), you receive the voucher shipping number and tracking link, in order to follow the progress of your order. From this point on, our partner is at the disposal of the smooth processing of the order and on-time delivery.

* Keep in mind that the period 9/12 - 20/12 is expected to take most of the transport and courier out of operation. Several have already left. Both we and our partners do our best to serve you during these difficult days for everyone. However, for any failure-irregularity you notice on the part of our partners, please inform us: Some key issues: Whoever is the carrier who is going to deliver your parcel to you, must deliver it to the address you entered in your order. If your order is with free shipping then you are not required to pay the carrier any price. In addition to the above, if the courier company has issued an official announcement that it partially or completely suspends its operation, then it is up to the customer to pick up from the branch where the parcel is located or to wait for the normal reopening of the courier. Also in the following link you can see at any time what stage your order is at by putting the tracking number you received in your e-mail (Shipping Stage).

ORDER PROCESSING TIMES In peak times such as the Christmas season, but also in extreme situations where stores are closed due to a pandemic, such as the period we are going through, times change from time to time. At the given time the shipping times are from 1 to 3 working days. Dear customers, we would like to know that our team works tirelessly to process your orders on time, despite the difficulties and limitations of the lockdown situation that we are going through.

DELIVERY TIMES FROM SHIPPING AND AFTER YOUR ORDER. The collection from our physical store while they are closed is allowed only in the CLICK AWAY way, only home delivery or collection from the courier service points, after your electronic order has preceded. In the case of CLICK AWAY you will wait for us to send you an SMS which will inform you about the day of receipt and time, so that all the products you have ordered in our store are available.

In the rest of Greece, every new order you may receive even after 30/12. At the moment, the transport companies we work with are working, but they are operating beyond their maximum potential.