Ποδήλατο Proteus ProMaster V-12S Ρ-3810

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The V-12s is a superb-quality commercial bike that requires no power supply, since all the energy needed for its operation comes from the user's motion! You can adjust the resistance in 20 levels, while the powerful frame supports a load capacity of 180kg.
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Company Overview

Proteus® was founded in 1984 and is now a world leader in fitness equipment with more than 80 partners in various countries around the world.

Manufacturing fitness equipment for more than 20 years, the company has gained tremendous experience. Together with the distinct quality control department, the latest production line technologies and the team organizational structure, you can be sure that a Proteus® machine will cover all your sporting needs!

Product Overview

Proteus® ProMaster V-12S Upright Bike

The V-12s Upright Bike requires no power supply, since all the energy needed for its operation comes from the user's motion. Through its self-generated system, you can adjust the resistance in 20 levels.

The durable steel frame guarantees a maximum load capacity of 180 kg, the 16 kg flywheel offers a very smooth motion, while the seat can be adjusted to fit all users and the handlebars comes with positions for your elbows to keep you comfortable.



The sleek ProMaster Series console offers a clear green-colored LED screen, which displays all important workout data in order to help you achieve your goals. The matrix has 7 data fields.

Your heart rate is measured in real time thanks to the touch sensors on the handgrips or with a wireless chest belt (optional). Easily adjust the resistance in 20 levels and of course don't forget our 19 challenging workout programs.

Crank and Pedals

The pedal crank comes in 3 pieces with high quality bearings.

Adjustable seat

The anatomic seat can be easily adjusted along an aluminum rail, in order to fit any user.

Ergonomic handlebars

The handlebars come with positions for your forearms for maximum comfort when you are leaning forward for extra intensity.