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Force USA G9 (Smith, Crossover, Κλωβός Δύναμης) Λ-642

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Force USA presents the new G9 All-In-One Trainer that offers 8 equally strengthening machines in one compact structure. Designed in USA, it's very sturdy and flexible enough to create a huge variety of workout exercises, for the most demanding users.

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Company Profile

Force USA™

Force USA was designed to be the best value strength equipment for home and light commercial use and has proudly set the benchmark for our range of strength equipment around the world.

Every product we sell must survive hundreds of hours of R&D testing in commercial conditions. We even test our packages to ensure our products reach you safely. All our equipment is designed in the USA and meets strict quality standards that are enforced at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Top quality, strength and stability. This is Force USA, a brand that you can trust.

Product Overview

Force USA G9 All-In-One-Trainer

The functional Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer includes a Smith System with balanced counterweight, a Crossover, a Power Rack, a Leg Press, a Roman Chair, a Chin-Up Bar, a Core Trainer and a Low Row machine.

It features an excellent built quality, that can accommodate controlled training Studios, hotels, as well as luxury home gyms.

Low Row

Low Row Pulley

The G9 features a Low Row Pulley with which you can perform Rowing exercises, exercising the muscles of the back, the rhomboids, the middle trapezius muscles, the biceps, the forearms, and even the abs.

Load weight tolerance up to 200kg.


Crossover system

The G9 Crossover Systems features 22 grip height adjustment points for cable exercises from every angle, for shoulder, arm, chest, back & leg exercises.

Load sensing ratio of 1:1, when both pulleys are used at the same time, or 2:1, when only one pulley is used.

Smith Machine

350kg weight rating

The Smith system consists of a bar with compensation and driver tracks, which offer you lifts without friction. Compensation means lower initial weight of the bar system and assists the training of smaller muscle groups with fewer weights.

It's equipped with a secure lock 'n' release mechanism, which allows you to maximize your training safely, without an assistant. The bar system only accepts Olympic Φ50 type weights and has a maximum capacity of up to 350kg.

Power Rack


The steel frame includes the necessary free bar positioning hooks (which is not included), which can be adjusted to any height position that suits you, and accept a maximum weight of up to 450kg. Multiple exercises capability, with free weights, such as: Straight/inclined bench presses, shoulder presses, leg half-squats, etc.

Add to this Power Rack front safety brackets that are ideal to hold your bar, for heavy exercises, such as deadlifts, shoulder lifts, etc.

Chin Up stations


The G9 features a Chin-Up attachment with an ergonomic design, that allows you to perform open, closed, neutral and angled grip lifts.

It comes with a maximum load capacity up to 350kg and also a hook where you can hang a punching bag or use suspension trainers.

Leg press

Vertical motion

The G9 includes a Leg Press attachment that allows you to train your quadriceps and glutes in different angles and distances.

Dip Station

It includes a pair of dip grips with a different width that allows you to give emphasis between the chest and the arm triceps. Dips are an extremely effective push exercise aiming at the chest, the front deltoids and the triceps.

Core Trainer

The G9 includes a Core Trainer attachment, which is used for every type of functional training, abdominal, torso and rotational exercises. It also includes a special handle, type cross, for rowing. The barbell depicted is sold separately.

Equipment storage

Keep your training area tidy! The G9 includes Olympic sized weight plate and barbell holders. You will also find storage hooks for your attachments, located next to the exercise chart.

Commercial Grade

Unmatched quality

Designed in the United States, the G9 places great emphasis on construction. Each piece is made up of high quality SteelForce™ steel to maximize durability. The finished product has a two-layer EcoCoat™ for long-term protection.

The G9 is a complete gym in a compact construction and is here to offer solutions even to the most demanding users!


Extra options

The G9 offers incredible flexibility and the option to put a different spin on a vast amount of exercises through a large number of attachments.