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Evolution Body L-Glutamine 500gr Evolution Body L-Glutamine 500gr
-20 %
Whether your goal is to increase athletic performance, boost metabolism, improve recovery or build muscle, research shows that L-Glutamine is a must-have supplement.Glutamine plays a key role in protein metabolism and anticatabolic muscle protection. It also helps the body to secrete higher amounts ..
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Evolution Body BCAA'S Aminoacids 500gr Evolution Body BCAA'S Aminoacids 500gr
-20 %
BCAA stands for Branched-chain amino acids, and consists of 3 specific amino acids: L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. Those three belong to the essential amino acids which means that human body cannot make them from other compounds and they must come directly from food or supplementation.These 3..
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Evolution Body Glucosamine 120tabs Evolution Body Glucosamine 120tabs
-20 %
Glucosamine occurs naturally in the body and is important for maintaining smooth joints and connective tissues as well as speeding up recovery from sports related injuries. Glucosamine prompts the body to produce glycosaminoglycan, key components of cartilage, and aids in incorporating sulphur into ..
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