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Διάδρομος Pegasus® V8 3.5ΗΡ AC Δ-355

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Ο Διάδρομος Pegasus® V8 είναι κατασκευασμένος για απαιτητική χρήση. Διαθέτει πανίσχυρο κινητήρα 3.5HP AC με Inverter, πολύ άνετο τάπητα 58x156cm, προηγμένο αντικραδασμικό σύστημα Cellular Cushion και πανέμορφο σχεδιασμό. Αποτελεί ιδανική επιλογή για ξενοδοχεία, personal studios, φυσιοθεραπευτές, αλλά και ιδιώτες που αναζητούν το κάτι παραπάνω στην προπόνηση τους.

Ανεμιστήρας True, False
Αντικραδασμικό Cellular Cushion System
Αποκατάσταση καρδιακού παλμού (Recovery) False
Ασύρματη ζώνη μέτρησης παλμού Περιλαμβάνεται
Βάρος διαδρόμου (κιλά) 159
Βάρος χρήστη (κιλά) 160
Βάση ανάγνωσης / tablet True, False
Δάπεδο (πάχος) 2.5 mm
Δάπεδο διαδρόμου Premium Laminate Board
Δέκτης ασύρματης λήψης καρδιακού παλμού True, False
Διαστάσεις διαδρόμου (συναρμολογημένος) 210 x 89 x 164 cm
Εγγύηση Πλαίσιο: 5 έτη, Μοτέρ: 2 έτη, Ηλ/κα Μέρη: 2 έτη
Ενδείξεις Ταχύτητα, Μέση Ταχύτητα, Απόσταση, Χρόνος, Κλίση, Θερμίδες, Πρόγραμμα, Παλμός, Βήματα
Εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας True, False
Εύρος κλίσης 18 επίπεδα
Ηλεκτρονική κονσόλα LCD 5 πεδίων
Ηχεία Ναι
Καρδιακός παλμός Επαφής και με Tηλεμετρική ζώνη
Κινητήρας (ισχύς) 3.5ΗΡ AC με Inverter
Κλίση διαδρόμου Ηλεκτρική
Κύλινδροι (ράουλα) 75 mm
Λοιπά χαρακτηριστικά Φωτισμός Δαπέδου
Μέτρηση σωματικού λίπους (Body Fat) False
Παρακολούθηση απόδοσης Εφαρμογές Fitshow, Kinomap
Πιστοποίηση ασφαλείας CE
Ποτηροθήκη / Θήκη αντικειμένων True, False
Προγράμματα 12
Προγράμματα καρδιακού παλμού 2
Προγράμματα χρήστη 3
Ρόδες Μεταφοράς True, False
Συνδεσιμότητα Bluetooth Ναι
Σύστημα αναδίπλωσης Δεν αναδιπλώνει
Σύστημα ασφαλείας Κλειδί Ασφαλείας
Ταπέτο 58 x 156 cm
Ταχύτητα 0 - 20 km/h
Υποδοχή φόρτισης USB True, False

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Company Profile

The name Pegasus® has been a benchmark in the field of Fitness in Greece for many years, offering comprehensive solutions for homes and businesses.

Pegasus® products have distinguished themselves for their quality, sleek design and reliability. So choose one of our products and discover what thousands of people already know!

Product Overview

Pegasus® GT5As (Android)

The Pegasus® V8 is a luxury treadmill that is built for heavy use and is designed to look at home in any setting. Key features are its powerful 3.5HP AC motor with a wide 58x156 cm running belt. You will also find USB/mp3 port and you can support your workout with specialized training apps via the console's Bluetooth connectivity.

It is an ideal choice for hotels, personal studios, physiotherapists and of course individuals who take their training more seriously.

Powerful Motor

3.5 HP AC

The motor is the beating heart of any treadmill.

The V8 features a highly durable and sleek frame supported by a 3.5HP AC motor with an inverter, which guarantees an impressive maximum load capacity of 160 kg, meaning this may be the last treadmill you'll ever need!

The console

5 LCD fields

The V8 console is eqquiped with 5 LCD fields for a full and concise summary of all the important workout data and also in order to offer you easy access to challenging programs.

You will also find built-in USB and mp3 ports, a cooling fan and of course a tablet holder to make your training more fun. Besides the typical grip sensors, V8 also includes a wireless chest belt so that you can monitor your heart rate level more accurately.

Bluetooth Connectivity

FitShow App

Once you've downloaded the free Fitshow app and turned on Bluetooth on your mobile or tablet, open the app, create an account, and just search for your treadmill.

With Fitshow you can keep track of your workouts, follow real-world maps and even train outdoors thanks to the built-in GPS!


Fitness. Fun. Anywhere.

Kinomap turns your bike trainer, exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine into a powerful and fun fitness device.

Choose a video and train on the Kinomap app. Watch your icon progress on the map as you follow the video. The app will change incline or resistance on your equipment to follow each video you choose in real time!

Running Belt

Comfortable dimensions

The V8 features a double-layered running belt, which contributes to the shock absorption for less load on the joints.

The impressive dimensions of 58x156cm ensure excellent comfort while its surface is designed in the form of slots offering ideal traction, support and safety.

Cellular Cushion System

Shock Absorption System

To help you avoid unecessary impact on your joints, the V8 is equipped with the Cellular Cushion System.

Its multi-cell design will keep you going strong, by ensuring ultra smooth footing and maximum shock absorption during your run.


Running deck

The solid frame of the V8 is made to support an impressive maximum load of 160kg.

This durability is made possible thanks in part to the 25mm running deck of the treadmill and the commercial-grade 2.5mm thickness of the running belt.

Running deck lighting

Elegant design

V8's elegant design does not stop at the frame, but also pays attention to the details.

On either side of the running deck you will notice a soft Led lighting, which lights the way for the user's motion, ensuring optimal safety.


Motor Power 3.5ΗΡ AC with Inverter
Speed Range 0 - 20 km/h
Running Area 58 x 156 cm
Incline Type Motor Incline
Incline Range 18 levels
Display LCD 5 fields
Data Speed, Avg Speed, Distance, Time, Incline, Calories, Programs, Heart Rate, Steps
Workout Programs 12
User Programs 3
HR Programs 2
Body Fat No
Recovery No
Performance tracking Fitshow, Kinomap Apps
Energy saving Yes
Safety System Safety Key
Folding System Not foldable
Running Deck Premium Laminate Board
Running Deck (Width) 2.5 mm
Shock Absorption Design Cellular Cushion System
Rollers 75 mm
Heart Rate Monitor Contact and Wireless
Wireless Pulse Receiver Yes
Wireless HR Belt Included
USB port Yes
Bluetooth Enabled Yes
Speakers Yes
Media Shelf - Tablet Holder Yes
Fan Yes
Bottle Holder Yes
Additional Features Running deck lighting
Transport Wheels Yes
Dimensions (assembled) 210 x 89 x 164 cm
Treadmill Weight (kg) 159
User weight (kg) 160
Certification CE
Warranty Frame: 5 yrs, Motor: 2 yrs, Elec.Parts: 2 yrs